Getting Started
Once the source of your dizziness or imbalance has been diagnosed, our next step is to immediately begin treating your problem. Occasionally, we may find it necessary to perform additional tests, or refer you to a specific doctor, however nearly all problems with dizziness and imbalance can be successfully and painlessly treated by utilizing balance therapy.

Balance Therapy
This method of physical therapy treatment varies from person to person, and can include vestibular rehabilitation, balance retraining, targeted muscle strengthening exercises, and medications. Based on your diagnosis and medical history, your physical therapist will design special exercises for you that will send the correct signals to your brain to maintain balance. These physical therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour, twice a week, for 6 to 10 weeks.

What to Expect
For many types of balance problems, Lifeline's vestibular rehabilitation program has proven quite successful. Customized exercises address your specific needs and are designed to strengthen muscles, improve the balance system, regain proper nervous system function, and ultimately improve the quality of your everyday life. Our staff physicians work closely with your therapist, and we always keep your primary care physician informed of your progress. This assures a level of care that considers all of your needs.