At Lifeline, our goal is to help find the source of your problem and successfully treat your balance disorder. The dizziness and loss of balance you may be experiencing are among the most difficult symptoms to understand and accurately diagnose.

Our primary diagnostic instrument is called the Vestibular Autorotation Test. This test, called VAT; for short, is an easy, accurate, and painless computerized test that can help us to determine where your balance problem is coming from by monitoring your normal eye movements. In addition to the VAT;, we have recently included a new tool for balance measurements called the Balance Master; to our facilities.

Once your balance problem has been found, specific treatment can then be given that can eliminate, or significantly reduce your symptoms. In addition to the Vestibular Autorotation Test and physical examination, we also include a hearing test, and we will measure your bone density and muscle strength. We will also check any prescription medications you may be taking to make sure that they are not creating a harmful interaction.

Your first visit to our facility will include:
Physical Examination
Complete Medical History
Vestibular Autorotation Test
Berg Balance Test
Hearing Test
Prescription Medication Screening